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GEEK BAR PULSE For vapers who enjoy flavors, GEEK BAR PULSE is a must-try dual mesh coils, Led screen with battery percentage and E-liquid percentage.
Flavor: Sour Apple Ice
E-liquid contents: 16ml
Nicotine Level: 50mg
Puffs per Device 3 mode options: Closed (Childproof), Regular(15000), Pulse(7500)


Experience a Burst of Sour and Coolness with Geek Bar Pulse Sour Apple Ice

The draw-activated firing mechanism of Geek Bar Pulse Sour Apple Ice ensures a hassle-free vaping experience. Simply inhale and let the smooth vapor transport you to a world of flavor and satisfaction. The crisp and juicy notes of sour apples mimic the experience of biting into a freshly picked apple, creating a mouthwatering vaping experience. No buttons to press, no settings to adjust – just pure enjoyment at your fingertips.

This exceptional vape flavor combines the zesty tartness of sour apples with a refreshing icy twist, creating an exhilarating and satisfying vaping experience, The lively tartness of the fruit dances on your palate, invigorating your senses. As you exhale, the icy coolness takes center stage, providing a refreshing and rejuvenating sensation that leaves you feeling revitalized

GEEKBAR VAPE eliminates the complexities of traditional setups – simply unbox, inhale, and savor the extraordinary flavors. The sleek and portable design ensures you can enjoy the premium GEEKBAR experience wherever you go. The GEEK BAR PULSE Sour Apple Ice stands as a testament to GEEKBAR VAPE’s unwavering commitment to quality. From the powerful battery to the premium e-liquid, every element is meticulously crafted to provide a consistently smooth draw and unparalleled satisfaction. Treat your senses to the tart and chilly symphony of GEEK BAR PULSE Sour Apple Ice – an irresistible delight for those seeking a burst of frozen apple perfection.

Order This amazing flavor today and embark on a vaping journey of elf bars filled with invigorating flavors and satisfying sensations.

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