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Lost Mary OS5000 Vapes combine performance and style with their ergonomic shell and mesh coil for improved flavor profiles. Each Lost Mary disposable vape is rechargeable via USB-C charging cable and contains 13ml of vape juice.
Flavor: Mary Dream
E-liquid contents: 13ml
Nicotine Level: 50mg
Coil: Mesh Coil
Puffs per Device: +5000
Battery: 650mAh, rechargeable via USB-C


Experience Blissful Serenity with LOST MARY Mary Dream | Lost Mary Vape

Dive into a world of fantasy and flavor with Lost Mary Mary Dream vape juice. This enchanting blend takes your taste buds on a whimsical adventure, combining carefully curated, a base of mixed tropical fruits with decadent creaminess that evoke a sense of dreamlike euphoria. With each inhale, you’ll be captivated by a symphony of tastes that dance on your palate. Lost Mary vape invites you to escape reality and embrace the extraordinary with Mary Dream, a testament to our commitment to crafting unique and unforgettable flavors.

Lost Mary Flavors goes beyond conventional vaping experiences, and Mary Dream is a prime example of our dedication to innovation. As you explore the Lost Mary vape collection, With each inhale of LOST MARY Mary Dream, you’ll be greeted by a harmonious blend of flavors that dance on your palate. The exact composition of this enchanting blend is a well-kept secret, but hints of luscious fruits, creamy indulgence, and subtle sweetness intertwine to create a truly unique and mesmerizing vaping experience, This captivating flavor delivers a serene and soothing vaping experience, perfect for those seeking a tranquil escape.

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