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The newest member of the Lost Mary family is the all new MO5000

With a much sleeker design then its older sibling, the MO5000 fits easy in the palm of your hand, and yet still packs that flavor punch we all expect and love from the Lost Mary lineup! Each Lost Mary disposable vape is rechargeable via USB-C charging cable and contains 13.5 ml of vape juice.

E-liquid contents: 13.5 ml
Nicotine Level: 40mg
Puffs per Device: +5000
Battery: 500mAh, rechargeable via USB-C


Embrace the Chill with LOST MARY MO5000 Triple Berry Ice | Lost Mary Vape

LOST MARY MO5000 Triple Berry Ice invites you to embark on a berrylicious journey, expertly crafted by Lost Mary Vape. This delightful blend harmoniously combines the sweetness of strawberries, the tartness of blueberries, and the juiciness of raspberries, all wrapped in the invigorating coolness of ice. Each inhale delivers a symphony of flavors that tantalize your taste buds and refresh your senses. Whether you’re a devoted enthusiast of Lost Mary flavors or a daring explorer of icy vaping, MO5000 Triple Berry Ice promises an unforgettable escape to a world where berry bliss meets chill.

Lost Mary Flavors is committed to creating vape juices that are both delicious and satisfying, and LOST MARY MO5000 Triple Berry Ice is a true testament to their expertise. Each inhale immerses your taste buds in a burst of juicy berries, intertwining the sweetness of strawberries, the tartness of raspberries, and the richness of blueberries. As you exhale, the invigorating ice finish adds a refreshing twist, creating a truly delightful vaping experience, Indulge in the burst of flavor with LOST MARY MO5000 Triple Berry Ice and unlock a world of sensational taste. Let Lost Mary Flavors be your go-to brand for remarkable vape juices that never disappoint.


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